Popular Articles

  1. Resolver Core 2.0 Feature Overview

    A summary of some of the upcoming features from Resolver Core's version 2.0 release.
  2. Variables, Operators & Functions

    Definitions of variables, operators, and functions and how they're used to create formulas in Resolver Core.
  3. Add a Pie Chart or Half-Pie Chart to a Report

    Learn what pie chart reports are and how to add them in Resolver Core.
  4. Create a New User

    How to create a new user account in Core, as well an overview of the features available through these settings.
  5. Add a Table to a Report Updated

    Learn what table reports are and how to create them in Resolver Core.
  6. Data Visualizations Overview

    An overview of the data visualization feature in Resolver Core, where you can display data through reports, exported spreadsheets, and data grids.
  7. Add Fields to an Object Type Updated

    Instructions on creating and adding fields to an object type in Resolver Core.
  8. Focuses & Data Series

    An overview of focus data definitions and data series for data visualizations in Core.
  9. Add a Section to a Form

    How to add and configure a section on a form canvas in Resolver Core.
  10. Workflow Overview

    An overview of workflows, including their states, triggers, transitions, and conditions, on object types in Resolver Core.