Data Visualizations

An overview of the Data Visualization feature in Core, where you can display data through pie, bar, or column chart, heat map, export report, or data grid.

Data Visualizations Overview

An overview of the data visualization feature in Resolver Core, where you can display data through reports, exported spreadsheets, and data grids.

Focuses & Data Series

An overview of focus data definitions and data series for data visualizations in Core.


Instructions on creating or editing a report and adding and configuring charts, tables, heat maps, and repeatable form elements.

Data Analytics Exports

About the Data Analytics Export feature, including how to create and configure it, and how to export data from it.

Data Grids

Instructions on creating, configuring, and viewing a data grid.

Add Free Form Text to a Data Visualization

Learn how to add free form text, such as headings and other information, to your reports in Resolver Core.

Starred Reports

About starring a report in Resolver Core, which will then add it as a tab in your nav bar for easy access.

Personalized Data Visualizations

Learn about the various features that both administrators and end users can apply to create personalized data visualizations in Resolver Core.