Standard Form Elements

How to add elements to a form as well as more detailed information on each element type and why it's used.

Add Elements to a Standard Form

Instructions on adding various elements, including fields, relationships, and formulas, to a configurable form.

Properties on Forms

How to add an object type's properties to a configurable form.

Enable the Confidential Submitter Property

How to configure the Confidential Submitter Property on a standard form.

Confidential Submissions Visibility Rules

How to adjust Confidential Submission visibility conditions and use the Stay Informed Modal pop-up.

Fields on Forms

How to add fields to a configurable form, including plain text, numeric, date and time, select list, and attachment field types.

Relationships on Forms

How to add a relationship field or table to a configurable form.

Configuring a References on a Form

How to add a reference field to a configurable form.

State Triggers on Forms

How to add a workflow's state triggers to a configurable form.

Roles on Forms

How to add the role field to a configurable form.

Formulas on Forms

Information on formulas and how they can be displayed on configurable forms in Resolver Core.

Form Actions

About form actions, which allows users to open a form, data visualization, nav form, or export data when working in a standard form.

Free Form Text (Other) on Forms

How to add free form text, including headers, introductions, or instructions to a configurable form.

Trending Tables

An overview of the Trending Table option on field or formula elements, important notes, and how to add them to a configurable form.