Version 22.1 Release Notes (Incident Management)

New Features

Incident Management (IM) Form UI Enhancements

With the 22.1 application release, we’ve updated our form layouts for the following IM forms:

  • Incident – Anonymous Submission
  • Incident – Triage New/Edit
  • Incident – Triage New
  • Incident – Full – Edit
  • Incident – Investigation – Edit
  • Person – Edit
  • Location – Edit (Active)
  • Incident Type – Edit.

These form UI enhancements were made to improve users’ screen utilization and to avoid them doing deep scrolls, collapsing, or expanding sections in larger forms. The IM form layout changes include:

  • Upper-level Tabs 
  • Form Layout Options
  • Separate Card Sections
  • New Headers
  • Workflow State Controls or Buttons
  • Removed the “Done” Forms Button.

After the 22.1 platform release’s form UI enhancements, we learned that some customers rely on the Done button and would like to add it back. Therefore, there is also the option to add it back to object forms. Resolver controls this global setting, so if your team would like to keep the Done button, you can contact Resolver Support to re-enable it. 

Enabled Anonymous Portal Submissions

  • For IM in the 22.1 release, a new Submitter Property was added to the Anonymous Portal submission form.
  • This Property type supports Anonymous Portal form submissions, so incident reporters’ identities will stay hidden if they want it that way. For example, an incident submitter can report inappropriate workplace behavior without potential backlash, because Core generates an alias via a unique object ID through the portal. 
  • Read more about Anonymous Submissions in the 22.1 platform release notes.

Introduced Two-Way Email

  • Two-way email takes our recent email ingestion feature to the next level, because customers can now converse with external users via email directly from a centralized object in Core. For example, an admin replies to an Incident Submitter with a question or update. Or when a submitter wants to follow up on their incident report, they can use two-way email too (with no need for new licensing or system access). 
  • A new Email Setting for the Incident object type is available:
  • A new Create workflow trigger was added to the Incident object type, including the action to populate Source = Email
  • Email fields are mapped to relevant Incident fields
  • Email templates for communication with the Submitter on Incidents.

End of Internet Explorer Support

Effective with the 22.1 release, Core will be ending support for Internet Explorer 11 - meaning you can no longer access the system by using IE. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, you must switch to another supported browser

Read more here about Internet Explorer becoming an End of Life (EOL) software.

Note: Some new release features may not be added to your software version by default. To enable a particular one within your org, please contact your CSM for more information.