Reporting Overview

Security Risk Management has several reports that summarize security risk data. Reports can be viewed by the security risk team, security assessment team, and SRM assigned actions and are available in the Reporting tab of Security Risk Management.

This article only contains information on the reports found in the Reporting tab of Security Risk Management. Other reports that are attached to forms will be discussed in the articles related to those forms.

A report in Security Risk Management.

The following reports are available in the Security Risk Management app:

  • Incident Heatmap: A chart that displays the total value and open incidents of each location.

  • Issues/Deficiencies by Location: Charts that show the issues of each location broken up by priority and security type. This report displays the location's corrective actions broken up by priority and workflow state, and the incidents attached to this location.
  • Risks by Location: An overview of all the risks attached to each of a location's incidents broken up by their predicted net loss.