Add a User to a User Group

User groups control the data users can access and how they can interact with it. The following is a list of the standard user groups available in Command Center. Note that users can belong to more than one user group.

  • Command Center Administrator: Users in this group can create, view, and edit library and activity and activity-related objects, view reports, create new user accounts in the app and Dispatch application, and add users to user groups.
  • Activity Owner: Users in this group can create new activities and view and edit existing activities and their related objects. These users can also create tasks, manage service requests, and view reports.
  • Dispatch User: Users in this group can access the Dispatch application via a tab in Command Center. See the Configure a New Dispatch User article for more information.
  • Command Center Portal: Users in this group can only access the Command Center portal to create new activities. If an activity owner flags a portal user's activity as requiring follow-up or assigns a portal user to a task, the portal user view and edit those task and activity objects.
If your organization is synced with LDAP, any instance of adding or removing users to a user group will need to be done from LDAP itself. If made in Core, any changes could be reverted during the next LDAP sync.


To add a user to a user group:

  1. Create a new user by following the instructions in the Create a New Command Center User article. If the user should have Dispatch access, see the Create a New Dispatch User article.
  2. Click theicon in the top bar to display the Admin section. If theicon is not visible, your account does not have administrative privileges enabled.
  3. Click User Groups in the People section.The User Groups settings.
  4. Locate the appropriate user group, entering keywords in the search field if necessary, then click on it to display the Edit User Group page. 
  5. Begin typing the name of the user in the Search for User(s) field, then click to select the account from the results. Continue adding more users as required.
    Selecting a user on the Edit User Group page.
  6. Click Add Selected.
  7. To remove a user from the group, click the beside the user's name, then click Yes to confirm.
    Clicking the x beside a user's name will remove them from the user group.
    Users who are logged in at the time they’re added to or removed from a user group will need to log out then log back in before the changes are applied.