Version 23.1ab Release Notes (Vendor Risk Management)

New Application

  • The new Threat Protection app and collateral were added to App Base.

Kroll Vendor Risk Questionnaire

  • Implemented the Kroll Vendor Security Risk questionnaire into the Vendor Risk Management application.


  • Included the Citation Object Type on the Vendor questionnaire and added the Attachment field to the Citation Object Type.
  •  We change how the Remain Response formula treats empty values; the formula no longer treats them as null and will not treat them as zero.
  • We consolidated the creating, launching, and viewing Vendor Risk Assessment Forms.
  • We created a single Form to view the library and assessment versions for the Vendor Questionnaire.
  • We created a single Form for editing and viewing Categories across the Library and Assessments.
  • We created a single Form for editing and viewing Subcategories across the Library and Assessments.
  • We removed the SIG Forms and consolidated the remaining Forms to improve implementation effort and visual presentation.
  • We consolidated all Vendor Risk Management Request Forms, excluding the Create Form.
  • Improved the user experience by updating the colors in the App Base color palette based on Accessibility.
  • Applied a terminology change by replacing Anonymous with Confidential throughout the platform.
    • Form Names
    • Form Content
    • Roles
    • User Group Names
    • Field Names
    • Report Names
    • Report Components
    • Navigation
  • We have redesigned all the Forms making them more navigation friendly.

Bug Fixes

  •  Fix a typo in the Vendor Questionnaire email template.