The Location panel summarizes all dispatches and tasks at a saved location, as well as that location’s address, coordinates, and photo (if uploaded). If the location has indoor location points saved to it, the indoor location pins will appear on the location’s image, along with Connect device icons and any temporary pins a dispatcher may have placed on the image to indicate the exact location of a dispatch.

The details of any active alarms are displayed in the Alarms section. If you’re viewing a location that has indoor locations with active dispatches, you can click on those dispatches to view the indoor location’s image and any of its pins. 

Clicking on an officer task, dispatch, or location pin on the Map, a dispatch or officer task in the Dispatches panel, or an officer with a Last Known Location determines what location information will be displayed in this panel. You can also show or hide the columns by right-clicking a column, then selecting or de-selecting the checkboxes that represent the columns.

The Location panel can be accessed by clicking  Location in the ribbon.The Location panel displaying alarm, dispatch, and task information (not shown in the screenshot).