Bring an Officer On Duty

An on duty officer is an officer who is available to be dispatched to the scene of an activity and you can take them off duty in Dispatch at any time. The Bring On Duty window. Officers in the left column are off duty, while officers in the right column are on duty.

To bring an officer on duty:

  1. Click  in the Officers panel to open the Bring On Duty window.

  2. Optional: Enter an officer’s name in the Search field to show only that officer in the left column of the window.
    Off duty officers will appear in the left column of the Bring On Duty window while on duty officers appear in the right column. You can filter which on duty officers are displayed in the right column by selecting a team from the dropdown menu in the top right of the window.
  3. Optional: Click the  icon next to Show All to show all available officers from all operational zones. By default, only officers with your current operational zone set as their default zone will appear in the left column of the Bring On Duty window, but clicking Show All will display all the available officers who have been granted permission to work in your current operational zone.
  4. Select a call sign from the Call Sign dropdown menu.
  5. Select a team from the Team dropdown menu.

    The  icon indicates that mandatory information has not yet been entered in the column to the left. When the required information has been validated and the officer is ready to be brought on duty, the  will appear in the Ready for Duty column.
  6. Click to select the officer then click  icon to move the officer to the right column and bring them on duty. If you’re bringing multiple officers on duty at once, hold down the Ctrl key and click to select multiple officers, then click the  icon.
  7. Repeat 2-6 to continue to bring officers on duty as needed.

  8. Click the  icon to close the window when finished.