The Portal in Compliance Management

Users in the Control Owner & Delegate, Issue Owner & Delegate, Requirement Owner & Delegate, Corrective Action Owner & Delegate, and Alert Owner user groups have access to the Portal application. Administrators and users in the Compliance Team user group do not have access to the Portal, unless they belong to another group that's been provided access.

The Portal provides access to the activities relevant to your user group. Any tasks that are assigned to you will appear on the My Tasks page, but they can also be accessed through the Portal. The Portal contains five activities: 

  • Requirements: Visible to members of the Requirement Owner & Delegate user group.
  • Controls: Visible to members of the Control Owner & Delegate user group.
  • Issues: Visible to members of the Issue Owner & Delegate user group. 
  • Corrective Actions: Visible to members of the Corrective Action Owner & Delegate user group. 
  • Alerts: Visible to members of the Alert Owner user group.
  • Policies: Visible to members of the Policy Owners user group.

If your organization uses other Resolver apps, you may see additional activities in the Portal.

The portal as it's displayed to a control owner.