Form Actions Overview

The Actions element allows end-users to open a specified form or data visualization (including Data Analytics Export reports) by clicking a button on a standard form.

This element type is useful when the user needs to complete or print related forms throughout a process, they would benefit from being able to view report data while working in an object, or they need a summary of object data for further analysis.

Form actions include:

  • Open a form: Opens a standard form related to the object type.
  • Open a data visualization: Opens a report or data grid related to the object type.
  • Export Data: Opens a report that allows users to export object data from the form's object type.
  • Open Assessment Scoping: Opens a navigation form that allows users to view, filter, and add focus objects to an assessment.

Because each form action requires data from the originating object, actions should only be added to forms for existing objects. Clicking an action button on a form still in the Creation state will display blank, read-only forms or reports with no data. If the Open Assessment Scoping action is added to a standard form for a new assessment, it will not be displayed until the assessment has been created.

The Actions element on the Edit Configurable Form page.