Email Template Variables

Email templates allow administrators to determine what information is sent to users when a Messaging workflow action is triggered. When creating or editing these templates, you can embed variables, which represent the data from an object's fields and/or properties.

Fields and properties from all the object types in your organization can be added to an email template (both custom and default), but the information in those fields or properties are populated based on the object that triggered the email. For example, Risk 15 is an object with a high priority. When the email is triggered, the Name property is populated as Risk 15 and the Priority Field as High. When the low-priority object, Risk 20, triggers an email, the Name property is populated as Risk 20, and the Priority field as Low. 

An email with variables as it appears to an end user. The highlighted text are populated email variables.

Supported Fields & Properties

The following fields and properties can be embedded in a template:

If a field is not linked to the same object type as the Messaging action or it is unlinked or deleted after it was embedded in the template, it will appear as {Field Not Found} in the preview and as Not Specified in any emails sent out to users. If a property or field doesn't contain a value, it will appear as Not Specified in the email. 

Embedding Variables

To add a variable to a template, type in the Email Subject Line or Email Body field, start typing the name of the field or property you wish to add, then click to add it to the template. If needed, you can also scroll through the list of available variables, then click one to add it to the template. The object type the field is linked to will appear to the right of the field's name in the search results. If a field is linked to more than one object type, it will appear in the search results once for each object type.

Note that only the value of the field or property is displayed in the template. The field or property name (e.g. Priority, Category, or Requirements) is not populated automatically. If you wish to include a title or any other information about the variable, it must be typed manually.

To delete a variable, use the Backspace key on your keyboard. 

Embedding a variable in an email template. Fields that are linked to more than one object type appear in the search results multiple times.

Markdown Formatting

You can apply Markdown formatting to variables in the body of the email.Variables with Markdown formatting.