Commonly Confused Terms

For new app users, some terms can be tricky to understand. The following explains the difference between commonly confused terms. 

Compliance Management vs. RCM

Compliance Management is the app purchased by your organization. If the app is purchased on its own, you will have to create and import your own compliance frameworks to assess your compliance to industry standards. RCM is a curated library of frequently updated compliance content that can be purchased in addition to the app. If your organization has purchased RCM, you will already have access to compliance frameworks and may not need to import your own. 

Apps, Applications & Activities

An app is the software purchased by your organization. Apps contain applications, which allow users to complete tasks and view information via activities. Compliance Management is an app, whereas Portal is an application. The Portal automatically opens to an activity, such as Controls, where you can view or enter information, depending on your user permissions. 

Objects & Object Types

Object type refers to the category of data collected. Objects are records created in the app and belong to an object type. For example, Requirement is an object type, whereas Req-88.1 Privacy Management Program is an object.