Command Center App Summary

Activity Tracking

  • Track basic security activities performed based on type, location, officer, and time spent
  • Escalate any security activity to an incident to fully document incident details (requires IM)
  • Document Service Requests\Work Orders assign owners and managers in a single view


  • Setup Security Operation Zones, Teams, and Officers
  • Create a dispatch call quickly with templates
  • Add comments and messages to dispatches and coordinate with the team
  • Schedule one-time activities or reoccurring
  • Configure rules and notifications
  • Monitor active calls and officers via integrated maps

Alarm Handling with Access Control Integrations

  • Register devices and plot onto floor plans
  • Set up rules for events by type, device, or time
  • View alarms on the floor plan easily escalate to dispatch
  • Auto-Acknowledge and Close the alarm in the source system

Key Reporting

  • Officer response time metrics by Activity Type
  • Daily activity logs
  • Activity by site