Add a New Language

To add a new language into Core:

  1. Review the Languages Overview article for a list of important notes and supported languages.
  2. Click the icon in the top bar > Languages in the Communications section.
  3. Select a language from the dropdown menu in the Languages section. 
    Selecting a language from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Add New Language.
  5. Optional: Click the  icon next to the language to edit its name.
    A newly added language appearing in the Languages section.
  6. Click the  icon next the language to download the CSV spreadsheet. 
  7. Once successfully downloaded, open the spreadsheet. The Platform tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet contains the text for the default user interface, while the Applications tab contains text for custom applications, fields, applications, etc. The US English (en-US) DEFAULT column in both worksheets (column E), displays the default text for each Core component.
    The languages spreadsheet.
    Content that appears in the spreadsheet inside curly brackets is dynamic and should not be translated. If a translation is entered between the curly brackets, that translation will overwrite any dynamic text. For example, if the text Welcome {first} {last} was translated to Bienvenido {primero} {último}, it would appear in the UI as Bienvenido {primero} {último}, instead of Bienvenido John Doe.
  8. Using the text in the US English (en-US) DEFAULT column (column E) as a reference, enter the applicable translations in column F (titled after the language selected in steps 3 and 4). Enter the translations on the Platforms and/or Applications worksheet(s) as needed.
    Translations entered into the spreadsheet. Column E displays the text for the current labels in CORE and the corresponding translations are added to Column F.
    The spreadsheet will not successfully upload if you remove any data from the Key (column D) section of the Applications worksheet or if data is entered in the empty rows that are used to separate each section on either worksheet.
  9. Save the file at an easily accessible location.
  10. Return to the Languages page in Core, then drag and drop or click the upload area in the Import Languages section to upload the spreadsheet.
    The Import Language section where the spreadsheet with the translations is uploaded into CORE.