HTTP Methods & Responses

HTTP Methods
Http VerbDescriptionExample
GETRetrieves a resource.The GET /object/field endpoint in the fields resource retrieves a list of all fields.
POSTCreates a new resource in a collection.The POST /creation/creation endpoint in the objects resource creates a new object.
PUTUpdates an existing resource.The PUT /object/emailTemplate/{id} endpoint in the emailTemplate resource updates one or more elements in an email template.
DELETEDeletes a resource.The DELETE /data/file/{id} endpoint in the file resource deletes a file.
Response Codes
Response CodeDescription
200 OKThe request was successful. For the GET method, details of the resource are returned in the Response Body. For PUT, POST, or DELETE a description of the action is returned in the Response Body.
204 No ContentThe request was successful, but no content is returned in the Response Body.
400 Bad RequestThe server couldn't understand the request due to an invalid parameter or syntax.
401 UnauthorizedThe client is not authenticated and the response was not completed.
403 ForbiddenThe client doesn't have permission to access the content.
404 Not FoundThe server couldn't find the requested resource. 
422 Unprocessable Entity (WebDAV)The request was well-formed, but the server was unable to process the request due to syntax errors.
500 Internal Server ErrorAn internal error occurred.
503 Service UnavailableThe server can't currently handle the request.