Data Series

Data series are sub-definitions that are populated based on the leaf or leaves in a data definition. Specifically, if a leaf object type has also been added as the anchor to another data definition, it will appear as a data series.

The Location Only data definition has the Location object type as its anchor, making it focus eligible. Because the Location object type has been selected on two other data definitions in the org (Risks & Controls and Time Spent (Hrs)), those definitions appear as sub-definitions below Location Only. Clicking on one of those sub-definitions, in this case, Risks & Controls, will display its data path with the Location object type as its anchor.

Clicking a sub-definition will display the Edit Data Definition page where you may edit its name and review the data path.

Sub-definitions will also appear as separate data definitions below the anchor object when the By Anchor tab is selected. A data series definition may also focus eligible, depending on the data path.

Sub-definitions/data series are required when creating a report or data grid, which allows you to further define which object type data is displayed.