Messages Overview

The Messages component, which can be accessed from the dashboard, lets you communicate with dispatchers and other officers through instant messaging, ensuring you won’t miss important information or instructions over the radio. From this section of the app, you can view, create, and continue all of your dispatch-specific or general conversations:

  • The Dispatch tab displays dispatch-related conversations between you, the dispatcher, other officers assigned to different tasks on the same dispatch, and any other users invited to the conversation. These conversations are automatically created once you’re assigned a task and the conversation history is saved to the dispatch record.
  • The Messages tab displays conversations that are unrelated to a specific dispatch and were created manually, including conversations you created or were invited to join. These conversations are not saved to a dispatch record.

From within the Messages component, new messages or invitations will appear in orange.The Dispatch tab in Messages displaying a list of all currently open dispatch-related conversations.

If you’re not currently working in the app, you’ll receive push notifications when you receive a new message or invitation.