Scope & Launch Thresholds & Best Practices

To successfully scope and launch large data sets in an assessment (e.g., compliance frameworks or other objects with thousands of related objects), there are best practices that should be followed to avoid timeouts and other errors. These best practices include:

  • Whenever possible, keep the total number of scoped objects per assessment to fewer than 2,000. This may mean scoping large data sets in individual assessments.
  • If more than 2,000 objects must be scoped in an individual assessment, each scoped object should have fewer than 2,000 related objects and no more than 10,000 total objects per assessment. Once these thresholds have been reached, launching the assessment or adding more objects from the scoping tool or navigation form may result in a timeout.
  • Add only one object with several related objects (up to 2,000 total) to the scope at a time to avoid timeouts, allowing the number in the banner at the bottom of the scoping tool page to update before adding more objects.

Note that an assessment with more than 10,000 total objects may launch successfully; however, subsequent attempts will often fail as the data in your organization grows. Attempting to launch an assessment over the 10,000-object threshold is not recommended and this scenario covered under the Resolver Support program should errors arise.