Scope & Launch Thresholds & Best Practices


To scope and launch large sets of data (e.g., compliance frameworks, over 2000 scoped objects, etc.) within an assessment without causing timeouts and errors, Resolver recommends following the thresholds and best practices below:

  • Threshold:
    • Assessments should have less than 2000 scoped objects.
  • Best Practices:
    • Break large data sets into multiple assessments with less than 2000 scoped objects per assessment.
    • To scope more than 2,000 objects per assessment, add one object with several related objects (up to 2,000) to the scope at a time and no more than 10,000 total objects per assessment. Exceeding this limit could result in may result in an error or timeout.
    • Allow the number of objects on the Object Review banner (green) at the bottom of the Scoping Tool screen to update before adding more objects.

Objects Review Banner

Resolver does not recommend launching an assessment with over 10000 objects. However, launching an assessment containing 10000 objects may be possible, but subsequent attempts can cause timeouts or errors.