Form Translation Overview

The Form Translation feature enables users to translate plain text or rich text fields from many different supported languages into the org's defined base language. For example, if your org's base language was set to Spanish, users could translate text from any of the supported languages (e.g., German, Italian, Arabic, etc.) to Spanish.A plain text field translated from French to English.

Admins can select which text fields are available for translation from the Edit Configurable Form page once the feature is enabled. See the Translatable Languages article for a list of supported and unsupported languages.

This feature must be enabled by Resolver Support.

Important Notes

  • Translation of large text fields (over 5000 bytes) may result in stripped whitespace. For example, if a large text field included “Bonjour monde! Avoir un bonne journee”, it may result in “Hello world!Have a good day.”

  • Because rich text fields have a 20,000 character limit, a large amount of text in this field may be translated over the character limit. If this happens, the text will be reduced to the maximum limit and a notification banner is displayed.

  • Once a translation is complete, it's possible to view the original text by clicking the  icon by the translated field; however, translations cannot be undone and any additions or changes to the text field are not translated.

  • For the best performance, it's recommended that no more than five translatable fields are added to a form.

  • This feature is enabled by Resolver Support.