Form Translation Overview


The Form Translation feature translates plain text or rich text fields from a Resolver supported language (e.g., German, Italian, Arabic, French, etc.) to the Org's defined base language (e.g., Spanish, English, etc.).

Resolver Support must enable the Form Translation feature.

Plain Text Field Translated from French to English

Original Translation Icon

You can view the original text by clicking on the Original Translation icon. When a Translation is complete, it cannot be edited. The system will not translate any additional changes.

Original Translation Icon

Related Information/Setup

User's with Admins permissions can select which text fields are available for translation once the feature has been enabled. For further information, see the Enable Translations on Forms article.

See Supported Languages Translations article for a list of supported languages.

Important Notes

  • Large Text field translations (e.g., over 5000 bytes) may remove spaces between words resulting in chucks on unformatted text. 
  • Rich text fields have a 20,000-character limit. Translating from one language to another can increase the amount of text (characters) in this field. A system notification banner will appear, indicating that the text will be reduced to the maximum limit.
  • For the best performance, Resolver recommends adding no more than five translatable fields to a form.