User Groups

User groups determine the applications and fields users can access within the Incident Management app. The app has seven default user groups:

  • Portal Access: Users in this group can access the portal where they can submit incidents, review draft incidents, or amend incidents that were sent back for them from the Incident Screener. This user group also provides an area for occasional users across all applications to perform work. This includes task owners, issue owners, BOLO report broadcasts and announcements.
  • Incident Screener: Users in this group are responsible for managing incidents in the Triage state, including assigning incident owners, supervisors, or investigators.
  • Incident Owner: Users in this group review incidents for accuracy and completion and can close the incident, return it to the Triage state, or open an investigation. In some cases, incident owners can also create their own incidents. The Incident Owner of an incident has exclusive access to the entire record, including related data, and thus this is the central user group within Incident Management.
  • Incident Investigator: These users examine the root cause and outcome of an incident. Investigators add interviews and evidence, and link the incident to related incidents and persons. 
  • Incident Supervisor: These users manage incidents in a Closed or Review state. 
  • Incident Management AdministratorThese users monitor the application and have access to view all incident data.
  • AdministratorUsers in this group oversee the Incident Management app and are responsible for adding users and Library objects.