Launch an Assessment

Assessments are used to evaluate your organization's Requirements and Controls against compliance frameworks for a particular business unit. Only users in the Compliance Team user group can launch Compliance Assessments. 

To launch an assessment:

  1. Log into a user account from the Compliance Team user group. 

  2. Click the dropdown in the nav bar > Compliance Management. By default, the Determine Applicability tab is selected.The nav bar.
  3. Click Launch Compliance AssessmentThe Determine Applicability tab where you launch a Compliance Assessment.
  4. Complete the Compliance Assessment Name field.
  5. Optional: Complete the Description field.
  6. Begin typing keywords in the Business Unit field, then click to select the relevant Business Unit.
  7. Begin typing keywords in the second Business Unit field and select the one that matches the previous field.
  8. Click Create to display the Create a New Compliance Assessment page.The Create a new Compliance Assessment form.


Description automatically generated

An assessment should be scoped immediately after launch. However, it can be accessed and scoped later in Compliance Management > Determine Applicability > Review Compliance Assessment.

The Compliance Assessment Details tab.