Create a New Template

Templates are designed to save time by auto-completing fields for common or time-sensitive dispatches. Templates are also used for dispatches that are created from or Connect.

Once a template is saved, a dispatcher can search by its name or code and, once selected, the fields from the template are automatically entered into the new dispatch. The Template settings.

To create a new template:

  1. Click Settings >  Templates.

  2. Click the  Create icon in the pane to the left.

  3. Enter a name for the template (e.g. Alarm) in the Name field.

  4. Enter a code in the Code field. The code may contain letters, numbers, or special characters and can be used to search for the template when creating a new dispatch.

  5. Select the operational zone(s) for this template.

    If no operational zone is selected, the template will remain inactive.
  6. Enter search terms in the Call Category field or use the dropdown menus below this field to select an activity type.

  7. Select a priority from the Priority dropdown menu.

  8. Optional: Enter a description of the dispatch or any notes in the Description field.

  9. Optional: Enter any notes about the dispatch in Initial Notes field to create the first message that will appear in the dispatch-related conversation. Dispatch-related conversations are created automatically for new dispatches and appear in the Messages panel.

  10. Optional: Select a call source in the Call Source dropdown menu.

  11. Optional: Enter search criteria to select the user who will initiate the dispatch in the Initiated By Person field and/or enter a phone number for that person in the Contact Number field.

  12. Optional: To create officer tasks:

    1. Click the  icon beside Add Officer Tasks to show the Dispatch Tasks section.

    2. Enter a description in the Task Description field.

    3. Click the  icon to create more tasks as needed. The Dispatch Tasks section.

      Any information entered or tasks created in a template may be overwritten by the dispatcher as needed.