Common Questions & Troubleshooting

Resolver Core FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Resolver Core Product.

Launch Dispatch in the New Microsoft Edge

Instructions on enabling ClickOnce Support to launch Dispatch on the new Edge browser.

Clear Application Cache

How to clear Dispatch's application cache to troubleshoot login, connection, or other errors.

Dispatch Window Maximizing Off-Screen

Steps users can take to avoid the Dispatch window maximizing off-screen.

Core Icons Missing in Internet Explorer

What to do when Core will not display icons in the Admin Overview while running on Internet Explorer.

Manually Delete the 2.0 Folder

How to delete the 2.0 folder in order to uninstall Dispatch.

Resolve PDF Attachment issues

How to resolve problems that occur with PDF attachments from Core.

Clear Browser Cache

How to clear the cache for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer while working in Resolver Core or its apps.

Troubleshoot Login Issues

A list of common login issues and how to correct them.

Retrieve Error Log Files for Dispatch

How to retrieve Dispatch's error log files.

SSO Stuck on Authenticating

How to troubleshoot the "authenticating" login problem on Internet Explorer.