Required Domains for Resolver Functionality and Network Access

New Users

Before your Resolver software implementation goes live, ensure your IT Admin Team add the domain names in the Required Domain table below to your network-approved sites list. Doing this pre-work ensures your teams will have full functionality. This network may take days or weeks to complete (especially in a larger enterprise environment).

Existing Users

Ensure that your IT Admin Team has added the Domain below to your network-approved sites list. Adding these domains will ensure our software works correctly for all your Resolver® Administrators and End-Users.

Required Domains

Domain Name



  • File attachments, uploads, and downloads
  • Import and exports, including Reports and PDFs


  • Main site content

  • Map Displays
  • Geographic Information
  • Location Data

  • Help Center Documentation, *

  • Resolver Idea Portal (provides a platform to share feedback)

  • Announcement Banners
  • Maintenance Notifications
  • Updated Notifications


For the AWS domain names above (e.g., the domains), substitute the word <ENV> with a value from the AWS <ENV> table below based on the region.


Sandbox Canada

  • sandbox-sandbox

Sandbox U.S.A.

  • sand-sandbox-us

Demo Environment

  • sandbox-demo

Resolver Canada

  • prod-ca

Resolver U.S.A.

  • prod-us

Resolver EU

  • prod-eu

Resolver UK

  • prod-uk

Resolver Australia

  • prod-au