Password Requirements

Your Compliance Management password must contain at least 9 characters, which must include letters. Spaces are permitted. 

When creating or resetting your password, you’ll see a color-coded password strength indicator. Each color represents the following:

  • Red: Your password does not meet any or most of the minimum requirements.
  • Yellow: Your password does not meet some of the minimum requirements.
  • Green: Your password meets the minimum requirements.
  • Blue: Your password surpasses the minimum requirements.
The Reset Password screen. In this case, the password entered in the New Password field does not meet the minimum requirements.

Your password expires every 90 days. At the end of the 90-day period, you’ll be prompted to change your password, following the requirements outlined above, after successful login. If you forget your password, you can send a reset link to your email account by clicking Change Password at the login screen.

You cannot reuse your current password when resetting it after expiry or resetting it via email.