Update Policies

Once a policy has been moved to the Under Revision or Overdue workflow state, the Policy Owner must then ensure that it has been properly documented and is up to date. Once the policy has been updated, it is then sent to the assigned Policy Reviewer. All policies that require Policy Owner action appear on the My Tasks page.Policies assigned to the Policy Owner on the My Tasks page.

To update policies:

  1. Log into a user account from the Policy Owner user group to display the My Tasks page.

  2. Click a policy in the Under Revision or Overdue workflow state to open the Policy Overview form. The Policy Overview form.
  3. Optional: In the Policy Details section:
    1. Complete the Policy Name and Description fields as required.

    2. Enter the current version of this policy in the Version field.

  4. In the Policy Narrative section:
    1. Optional: Drag files to the Supporting Attachments section to add them to the policy. You can also click in the boxes below Supporting Attachments to browse your local files, or to enter a URL link.

    2. If you do not attach any supporting documentation, paste the policy's body text in the Policy Narrative field. The Policy Narrative section.

  5. In the Review Comments section, enter any comments about the policy in the Policy Owner Comments section.The Review Comments section.
  6. Click Submit for Review.