Configure a New Dispatch User

Dispatch users are created in the Command Center app. For more information, see the Create a New Dispatch User article in the Command Center Administrator's Guide.

To configure a new Dispatch user:

  1. Click Settings > Users.

  2. Click to select the user in the pane to left. If the user isn't appearing in the settings, contact a Command Center administrator to ensure the account has been correctly created in the Command Center app.A new user.

  3. Click the  icon to activate the user's account. By default, all new user accounts are inactive.

  4. Optional: Enter the email address and/or mobile phone number of the user in the Primary Email and Mobile Phone fields.

  5. Select one or more of the following options in the User Access section:

    • Administrator: Grants the user administrative privileges.
    • Reviewer: Allows the user to view the details of the dispatches in their assigned operational zone, as well as send and receive messages, but they cannot perform any other actions in Dispatch.

    • Connect Access: Grants the user the ability to log into Connect and configure its settings, using their Dispatch username and password. They may log into Dispatch as a dispatcher, administrator, or reviewer, depending on any additional options selected in this section.

    • Allow add Locations on the Fly: Allows this user to create temporary locations. See Quick Add Locations for more information.The User Access section.

      By default, all users will have a standard dispatcher/officer account unless otherwise specified in the User Access section.
  6. Select the checkboxes next to the operational zone(s) the user will have access to under Accessible Operational Zones. If the user is a dispatcher, this will determine which operational zones they can manage dispatches, tasks, and officers in. If the user is an officer, this will determine which teams and work zones they can work in. The Accessible Operational Zones section in a new user profile.

  7. Optional:  If the user is a dispatcher, select an operational zone (the operational zone automatically selected when the dispatcher logs in) and work zone (the default work zone when creating a new dispatch) from the Operational Zone and Work Zone dropdown menus.

    If the user is an officer, select the default work zones, team, and/or call sign of the user under Defaults. These selections will appear automatically when bringing an officer on duty, but these selections can be changed as needed.The Defaults section in a new user profile.