Close a Dispatch

Once a dispatch has been created, it cannot be deleted. However, you can close a dispatch as long as that dispatch has no outstanding tasks. When dispatches are closed, they’re stored in the Closed panel, where they’re retained for a certain amount of time specified by your administrator. Closed dispatches are sent to Command Center as activities. If the dispatch is marked as requiring a report when it's closed, it's sent to the Command Center app as an open activity.

Only dispatches with a New or Cleared status and no outstanding tasks can be closed.

The Close Dispatch window.

To close a dispatch:

  1. Click a dispatch the Dispatches panel. 

  2. Click  or right-click the dispatch, then click Close.
  3. Optional: Enter search criteria to select an alternate user in the Record Owner field. The user selected in this field will be assigned the activity owner when the dispatch is moved to the Command Center app as an activity.
  4. Optional: Enter any notes about the dispatch, including instructions for a report or follow up task that may need to be completed after the dispatch is closed.

  5. Optional: Click the radio button next to Yes if a follow up assignment or report is required after the dispatch has been closed. When this option is selected, the activity is created in Command Center in an Open - Follow Up Required state. Otherwise, the activity will be in a Closed state.

  6. Click .