Properties on Forms

The Properties section of the Form Elements allows you to add and display an object's default information, including:

  • Name: The title of the object, which helps identify the object in views or search results. The header of this property appears on forms as [Object Type] Name (e.g. Incident Name). See the Configure a Form's Header article for more information.
    The Name property should be included on all your standard forms as it's used to identify objects in search results, views, data visualizations, relationships, etc. If this property is not added to your forms, users will not be able to search for and select existing objects in relationship fields or tables.
  • Description: A description of the object.
  • Unique ID: The unique identifier automatically assigned to the object type at the time of creation.
  • Monogram: The letter(s) and color assigned to the object type.
  • Created By: The user who created the object.
  • Created On: The date the object was created, converted to the current user's time zone.
  • Modified By: The name of the user who last modified the object.
  • Modified On: The date the object was late modified, converted to the current user's time zone.
  • Workflow State: The current state of the object.
  • Location: The address and/or latitude and longitude coordinates of an object. See the Location section for more information on this property.
  • Assessment Dimension: Adds read-only dimension data onto the form of objects that were referenced on an assessment. If an object has not been referenced on an assessment, the property will be invisible.