IT Compliance Management Overview

Resolver's IT Compliance Management app allows businesses to ensure they are following industry standards to apply best practices to mitigate risks and protect their data. These results are achieved by assessing requirement applicability, performing control self-assessments, managing discovered issues, and providing evidence of information security processes and policies.

The IT Compliance app leverages best practices from an IT Security Framework. Making use of these frameworks is an effective and efficient way for businesses to start assessing the system rather than having to create their own set of frameworks. Also, since these frameworks are built to incorporate best practices, companies who use the application can become certified to the set standard. Using the frameworks, a business can demonstrate that their controls meet framework requirements, which in turn can be used multiple times, with the control evidence only having to be provided once.

The app is designed for mid-sized customers and while it can be used as a standalone application for certification and compliance purposes, organizations will gain a robust solution to address IT Risks when it is used in conjunction with the IT Risk Management application.

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