Image Upload & Custom Logos

The Image Upload feature allows administrators to upload a photo and generate a URL that can then be used as a custom logo in Core or email templates or as an image embedded in configurable forms using Markdown formatting.

To use this feature, navigate to Admin > Tools > Image Upload, then click to select an image to upload or drag and drop it to the upload area. Once the file is successfully uploaded, click the URL to copy it to your clipboard.

Custom Logo Requirements

For a logo image to be compatible, it must be approximately:

  • 15:4 ratio;
  • 210 x 56px at 72 DPI;
  • PNG (recommended) or JPEG format.

Should you wish to embed a custom logo, contact Resolver Support with the URL after uploading the file in the Image Upload tool.

Email Template Logo Requirements

  • The logo must be saved in JPEG, JPG, or PNG format.
  • The image URL must end in .jpeg, .jpg, or .png. If a URL that does not end in one of these file extensions, the Logo field will display an error.
  • The ideal dimensions of the logo are 150 x 50 px. If the image is larger or smaller, it will be reduced or enlarged in the template.

The Image Upload tool. Once a file is uploaded, you can copy the URL to your clipboard by clicking it.

If you navigate away from this page or misplace the URL, a new link must be generated by once again uploading the image.