Enable Two-Way Email

Once you’ve created your email settings, you can enable the two-way email feature, by going to the form that creates that object to assign emails on it (i.e., generate a unique email address). Doing so will allow external stakeholders without platform access to submit objects to triage via email, or through objects created in-app and portals.

For emails to appear in the Communication section of the objects they initiate, an admin must enable external messages on the Object header panel. This article covers how to enable the two-way email feature, which allows you to add emails and comments to a specific object’s form.

Two-way email will only be available on objects initiated by email ingestion or through portal submissions. This feature is only used between Core users and Submitters. To use two-way email, the admin must have already configured at least one email address.

To enable the two-way email feature:

    1. In the Admin: Configurable Forms menu, select the relevant Object Type form (e.g., Store #368 Incident - 02/09/22).

    2. Click the pencil icon on the top right of the header (i.e., the bar with the Object Name and Workflow State) to open the Edit Header Section screen.

    3. Scroll down to the Form Features select list and select Emails and/or Comments.

    4. Click DONE.The Edit Header Section with Emails and Comments selected.

To reply to an email object submitter:

    1. On the relevant object type form, click the Communications tab which displays the conversation history (i.e., the Emails and/or Comments you enabled above) between the Submitter and the admin. 

        ○ Note: The first Details tab displays the Email Data Section content (e.g., Case Reference Number, Defense Lawyer Name).

    2. Type your response to the Submitter (e.g., "Client has been notified of recent changes")

    3. Click Send on the bottom right. 

        ○ Both users will receive the threaded replies in their inboxes. If the email object submitter chose to remain anonymous, their personal contact will not be displayed. Read more here: Configure the Anonymous Submitter Property.

        ○ Internal teams can add Comments in the section on the right (e.g., status updates, other team contact info). 

        ○ If External Messages are turned on for an object, emails will be visible alongside comments – keeping the conversation of the object all in one place. The Communications tab on a form.