Review Risks

All Risks are submitted to the Risk Team for review once the Risk Owner has assessed them and added any necessary Controls and Issues. Any risks submitted for a Risk Team member's review will appear either on the My Tasks page or the Review & Monitor tab's Review Risks section. Assigned risks on the My Tasks page.

To review risks: 

  1. Log into a user account from the Risk Team user group to display the My Tasks page. 

  2. Click a risk to display the relevant Risk object form. The Risk details tab.
  3. Optional: In the Risk Details tab, edit the Risk Owner, Risk Delegate, and remaining fields (as required). Read more here: Assess Risks.
  4. Optional: Click Risk Profile for a high-level summary, including details like its Risk Scores, trending data, and the attached Controls, Issues, and KRIs.
  5. Click one of the following buttons: 
    • Monitor Risk: Completes the risk assessment and sends it to the Monitoring state.
    • Submit for Review: Sends the Risk back to the Risk Owner for further review.
    • Escalate Risk: Indicates that there are further problems with the Risk, and it must be looked at further.

The Risk Treatment section on a Risk form.