Important Info About This Guide

This guide covers the out-of-the-box components and processes for Command Center end-users based on your user group(s), which control the data you can view, create, and edit. This guide does not include information for administrators or detailed instructions for Dispatch users. Depending on your organization's implementation, your user permissions, and any additional apps or modules your organization may have purchased, your version of Command Center may differ from the configurations and processes described in this guide.

Before getting started, it's recommended that both end-users and admins review the following introductory sections:

  • Command Center Introduction: Includes system requirements, an overview of Command Center and its modules, and info on your data region, My Tasks, and Quick Add.
  • About Command Center: Includes an overview of the typical Command Center process when a call is received, the user interface, user groups, and the data used and collected in the app (object types, fields, comments, etc.).
  • Command Center Login: Login and logout instructions and password requirements.

After review of this introductory content, see one or more of the following sections for your user group(s):

  • Activity Owner: Users in this group can create new activities and edit activities assigned to them.
  • Command Center Portal: Users in this group have limited access to the Command Center app and can perform basic functions on the activities they create or the tasks they're assigned to complete.
  • Dispatch User: Users in this group can access the Dispatch application as dispatchers or are registered in the system as officers. See the Dispatch section for information on using the application.
  • Command Center Administrator: Users in this group have full access to library and activity objects. See the Command Center Administrator's Guide for more information.