Data Definitions Overview

A data definition allows you to choose which object type(s) certain components draw their data from, including: 

When creating a data definition, you must first select an anchor (root) object type, which is the starting point of your data path. Once an anchor is selected, the data path displays all the relationships and references associated with the anchor, so you can select the related object types you may want to include in an assessment or report. For data visualizations, once your object type selections are saved in the data definition, you can further narrow down the data by creating new or using existing sub-data definitions, known as data series, then adding them to your visualization.

Because the structure of data definition resembles a tree, the anchor object type is also known as the root, the relationships and references on the anchor are the branches, and the object types within those relationships or references are the leaves on the branches.

Through the Data Definitions settings in Administration, you can create new data definitions as well as review existing definition by selecting the By Anchor tab or the By Leaf tab on the Data Definitions page.