Zones & Teams Overview

The Work Zones & Teams setting helps you organize your dispatchers and officers by segmenting areas in your organization into operational zones, work zones, and teams.

Operational zones are the larger areas within your organization, work zones are sections in the operational zones, and teams are the groups of officers that are authorized to work in the selected work zones. For example, an operational zone may be the East Campus of a university. The work zones are the cafeteria, laboratory, library, and residence in the university, and the Cafeteria Team, Laboratory Team, Library Team, and Residence Team are the groups of officers who work in each respective zone.

Operational zones, work zones, and teams can be created and organized over larger or smaller areas in your organization. If, for example, security was managed over several countries, the countries could be the operational zones and the cities could be the designated work zones. You could also create operational zones for smaller regions, such as a building, then segment the areas within that building, such as rooms or staircases, into work zones. 

The Work Zones & Teams settings.

Once your zones and teams are created, they’re used to help organize where dispatchers and officers are allowed to work by selecting the operational zones they’ll have access to in their user profiles.

When dispatchers log into Dispatch, they’ll only be able to create, edit, and view dispatches and tasks from within the operational zones selected in the Accessible Operational Zones section of their profile. If a dispatcher has been given access to multiple operational zones, they will be able to switch between zones while logged in. When creating new dispatches, the dispatcher must select a work zone saved within their current operational zone.

In addition, administrators can restrict priorities and locations to one or more specific Accessible Operational Zones, so that only dispatchers assigned to the corresponding operational zone will be able to access them when working with dispatches.

For officers, the zones selected in Accessible Operational Zones determine which teams they can be assigned to and therefore the work zones they’re authorized to work in. For example, if an officer is given access to the East Campus operational zone in their profile, they can be assigned to work on the Cafeteria, Laboratory, Library, or Residence teams. The dispatcher assigns that officer to work on the Cafeteria team, which means that the officer can be assigned tasks for any dispatches created in the Cafeteria work zone.