Email Templates Overview

When the Messaging action has been created on a workflow transition, an email is sent to users within one or more selected roles once an object has transitioned to the next specified state. The contents of the email are based on the template selected when the action was created.

By default, each organization has the following templates:

  • Standard: Advises users that there are one or more objects that require attention.
  • Assigned: Advises users that one or more objects have been assigned to them.

Through the Email Templates settings, administrators can create new templates or edit the default templates by applying the following customizations:

  • Creating a new subject line and custom message in the body of the email;
  • Inserting variables (fields or properties) in the subject and body to provide more information about the object(s);
  • Applying Markdown formatting to any custom messages in the body of the email; and
  • Replacing the Resolver logo with your company's logo.

Note that because the default templates (Standard or Assigned) can be edited, these templates' names and contents may vary.

A preview of the Assignment email template.