The SOP panel allows you to: 

  • View procedure descriptions;
  • Check off a list of steps to be completed; 
  • Send emails or mass notifications through Everbridge with instructions or important information;
  • View documents, files, or images related to the SOP; and
  • Open attached URLs related to the SOP.

Mass notifications are available through the Everbridge tab of this panel (this tab will be visible only if the appropriate configurations have been made by a Perspective administrator). The associated dispatch’s number at the top left and the call category in the top right of window. SOPs can be created in Perspective or Dispatch.

This panel can be accessed by clicking  SOP in the ribbon or clicking the  icon in the SOP column in the Dispatches panel. If a dispatch does not have an SOP associated with it, the panel will not contain any data and the  icon will not appear in the SOP column.The SOP panel.