Review a Corrective Action

Corrective action owners and their delegates are responsible for ensuring corrective actions are properly documented to resolve the attached issue. Once a corrective action owner has reviewed an corrective action, it's sent to either the Issue Owner or the Risk Team depending on your organization. Assigned corrective actions on the My Tasks page.

To review a corrective action:

  1. Log into a user account that's been assigned to the Corrective Action Owner & Delegate user group to open the My Tasks page.

  2. Click a corrective action to display the Corrective Action Overview form.The Corrective Action Overview form.
  3. Optional: Edit the Corrective Action Name and Description fields as needed.
  4. Select a date in the Expected Completion Date field.
  5. Select the priority that best fits the corrective action from the Priority select list.
  6. Select a date in the Actual Completion Date field. 
  7. Optional: Add comments, as needed.
  8. Click Submit for Review.