Create a Form View

To create a form view:

  1. If needed, open the activity you wish to add the view to by clicking theicon in the top bar > Applications in the Application Management section, then clicking the application and activity to show the Edit Activity page.
  2. Click the Add View in the Views section.A new view.
  3. Enter the name of the view in the Name field, which will appear as a header below the view.
  4. Optional: Enter a description in the Description field, which will appear when a user has opened the view. If necessary, apply Markdown formatting to the text. To view popular formatting styles, click theicon beside Basic Markdown Formatting. 
  5. Select an object type or assessment from the Object Type or Assessment dropdown menu to specify which objects will be available in the view.
  6. Select one or more assessment or object type states from the Workflow States dropdown menu to specify which objects or instances will be displayed, based on their current states.
  7. Select Form from the View Action dropdown menu.
  8. Select either the default form or a configurable form from the Define Form to Show dropdown menu. This will be the form that's displayed when the user clicks on an object in the view
    A new form view.
  9. Select either Show view title when empty or Hide view title when empty from the Display Options dropdown menu to show or hide the view's title from the activity when it has no data to display.
  10. Click Create.
  11. Follow steps 2-10 above to continue creating more views as needed.
  12. To reorder how the views appear in the activity and left navigation menu, click and drag the  icon beside a view.
  13. To edit the view's name, description, view action, or form, click the  icon.
  14. To delete the view, click the  icon, then Yes to confirm.