Incident Screener Overview

When an employee submits an incident through the Portal, that incident object is sent to users in the Incident Screener user group. Users in this group are responsible for managing incidents in the Triage state, including:

  • Providing additional details about the incident, such as business unit, date and time, and involvements, depending on the incident type chosen;

  • Assigning incident owners, supervisors, or investigators;
  • Adding comments about the incident; and
  • Returning the incident object back to the employee as a draft to collect additional information.

The primary objective of the incident screener is to ensure an accurate primary incident type is selected. Incident screeners can also read incidents in an Open state, read and edit incidents in the Draft state, or create new incident objects, depending on the primary incident type chosen.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of this user group.

An incident object as it's displayed to a user in the Incident Screener user group.