Enter Updated Object Data on the Import Template

You can update existing object data through Data Import a by adding field values, assigning users to roles, or moving an object to a specific workflow state. Updating object data requires the object's external reference ID, which you can obtain from a previous import template, via the Audit Trail feature, or by adding the External Reference ID data type to a report table.

To enter updated object data in the import template:

  1. Review the Important Notes section of the Data Import Overview article.
  2. Open the data import template. See the Create an Import Template article for instructions on generating this spreadsheet.
  3. Click an object type tab, which are highlighted, to select its worksheet (e.g. Risk). Relationship tabs are labelled with the monogram of the object type they're saved on and their object type group (e.g. R - Control). Tabs are generated in alphabetical order. See Enter Relationship Data on the Import Spreadsheet for instructions on mapping relationship objects.
    Tabs on an import template spreadsheet. Object type tabs are highlighted (e.g. Risk and Risk Category) and the relationship tabs are labelled by their associated object type's monogram and object type group.
  4. On row 5, column a, below External Ref ID, enter the object’s external reference ID.
  5. Enter the data you want to import under the appropriate column. See the Enter New Object Data article for more information on entering field, role, or workflow data in the spreadsheet.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Upload the spreadsheet.