About Dispatch

Dispatch is used to complete important dispatch-related duties, including dispatching officers and organizations, assigning tasks, reviewing standard operating procedures, bringing officers on and off duty, scheduling dispatches, adding involvements, and more.

Dispatch is designed to be used with additional modules, including:

  • Command Center: A repository for dispatch reference data (e.g., activity type, locations, involved people, officers, etc.). When a dispatch is closed, its record is sent to the app as an activity object where tasks can be assigned and completed, information can be added and reviewed, and reports can be created and shared with others in your organization. See the Command Center guide for more information.
  • Officer Mobile: An application that allows officers to use their mobile devices to view their tasks, update their status, upload images, record organization and person involvements, send and receive instant messages, and review the details of a dispatch. Actions that officers take in Officer Mobile will be reflected in Dispatch.
  • Connect: An application that pulls event and device data from security systems (Lenel OnGuard and C-Cure 9000) to send to Dispatch. Administrators can specify what happens when an event occurs on the system, including creating an alarm, acknowledging or closing the event in the source system. This application is an optional module.
  • Incident Management: If an activity is escalated to an incident, it's triaged and screened through the Incident Management app where it's further reviewed, analyzed, and can be flagged for an investigation. This app is an optional module.