Object Types

Information on creating, editing, and deleting object types, adding components, and the Object Type Universe.

Object Types Overview

An introduction to object type and how to use them in Resolver Core.

Create a New Object Type & Add Components

Instructions on creating a new object type and adding components, including fields, relationships, formulas, references, and roles.

Name & Description Concatenation

An overview of the name and description concatenation feature available on object types.

Edit or Delete an Object Type

How to edit or delete an existing object type.

Delete an Object

How to delete an object in Resolver Core.

Object Type Universe

Learn about the Object Type Universe graph in Resolver Core.

Relationship Graphs

About the relationship graph in Resolver Core, which displays how an object is related to other records in your organization.

Library Objects & Library Object Types

A brief definition of library objects and object types in Resolver Core.