IT Risk Management Overview

The IT Risk Management app allows businesses to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their Information Security Management system through asset risk, compliance, and risk management. Managing these aspects allows the business to mitigate risks and limit exposures while meeting any legal requirements concerning data protection. Continually assessing existing measures allows a business to ensure the controls are sufficiently effective or up-to-date, allowing the organization to better prioritize which risks to address first.

With the IT Risk Management app, an organization can determine which assets need protection while assessing potential vulnerabilities. This application is designed to assess and effectively manage high priority risks while applying best practice frameworks and regulations to control them. 

The app can be used as a standalone option, however, when used with other products such as IT Compliance Management and Risk Management, an organization will gain a robust system to manage and assess all levels of business risks. This application has been designed to meet the needs of mid-sized companies.An Active IT Asset.