Users Overview

Dispatch user accounts are created in the Command Center. Once the initial profile has been created, a profile can be created and configured in the Dispatch Users settings, where you can:

  • Assign user access types (e.g., Administrator or Reviewer);
  • Enable or disable a user’s ability to create temporary locations;

  • Assign the operational zones the user will have access to;

  • Activate or deactivate a user profile;

  • Assign default operational zones, work zones, teams, and/or call signs.

  • Enter user details, such as an email address and phone number.

  • Review an officer’s history, including their call signs, teams, statuses, locations, and tasks.
    The Users Settings.

Available Dispatch user types include:

  • Administrator: A user who can create and configure users, zones and teams, priorities, visual alerts, templates, and locations, as well as perform the same dispatch functions as a dispatcher. The Administrator option must be selected in the user's profile on Dispatch to grant administrative privileges.
  • Dispatcher: A user who can perform dispatch-related duties, such as create new dispatches and record logs, bring officers on and off duty, create and manage tasks, view SOPs, manage available organizations, create new locations (if enabled), and manage their user settings.

  • Officer: A member of your organization’s security team who is assigned tasks and dispatched to activities. Officers can also log into Dispatch and perform the same functions as a dispatcher. Administrators can review an officer’s shift history, statuses, assigned tasks, and locations.

  • Reviewer: A user who can view all the panels (except for Create and Create Task) and participate in conversations, but cannot create or modify dispatches, tasks, or any information contained in the panels. The Reviewer option must be selected in the user's profile to grant review privileges.

  • Connect User: A user who can log into Connect as an administrator and configure its settings, including registering and mapping devices and creating rules. These users can access Connect and may log into Dispatch as a dispatcher, administrator, or reviewer, depending on the additional settings selected in their user profile.