Create a New Standard Form

Once a standard form is created, you can configure its title, set the form's priority, create sections, and add elements.

When creating forms for use in a repeatable form, note that only forms with supported elements will be displayed. See the Add Repeatable Forms to a Report for a list of unsupported elements.

To create a new standard form:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar Configurable Forms in the Views section.
  2. Click Create Form.
  3. Enter the name of the form in the Name field.
  4. Optional: Enter a brief description of the form in the Description field, which will appear below the form’s name while editing the form and on the Configurable Forms landing page.
  5. Select Standard Form from the Form Type dropdown menu. See the Navigation Forms section for information and instructions on creating navigation forms.
  6. Select an object type from the Object Type dropdown menu.The Create Form page.
  7. Click Create to display the Edit Configurable Form page. From here, you can edit the standard form's title, select a priority, and add sections and elements.