Version 3.0 Release Notes (Command Center)

New Features

Disable Flashing Alerts

  • Dispatch users can now disable flashing alerts in the user settings to improve performance, user experience, and accessibility. 

Email Details

  • A new Email Details option in the Dispatches panel allows dispatchers to email details of an activity during any stage of the process.

Officer Notes

  • Dispatch admins can use the new Officer Notes field to add default or shift-specific notes about officers, providing important information to dispatchers during shift changes.

Location Details

  • It’s now possible to record additional location info in the new Location Details field on the Create Dispatch and Dispatch Details panels.

Improved Location Search 

  • Improvements to the map and address search, including prioritizing search results based on the distance of the map’s current centered location, make it faster and easier for dispatchers to create temporary locations.

Bug Fixes

  • The Geo-coordinate details of the Location field have been synced from Core. 

  • The mapping of Activity types to Call categories in Rollup Levels 1 and 2 has been synced from Comand Center without duplication issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the date and time of closed dispatches would not factor in DST (Daylight Saving Time).

  • Selecting an officer task in the Officers panel now selects the related dispatch in the Dispatches panel when Auto-focus is enabled.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in location pins from a previously viewed master location image carrying over on a newly opened master location image.

  • Undocking then closing a panel in Dispatch no longer unexpectedly closes the panel it was previously docked to.