Assessment Reference Data

Reference data in an assessment is important, secondary data that needs to be included, but not actually assessed. If a relationship between the assessment and a reference object type has been created, the relationship and reference form elements can be used to view, add, or edit data on a reference object. Examples of assessment reference data include business units, locations, departments, products, teams, or legislation. 

If objects in an assessment should not have instances (new versions) created and should only be used as references, admins can deselect the Assessment Data toggle beside an object type from the Configuration tab of the Edit Assessments page. This toggle is enabled for each object type by default.

The Assessment Data option on the Edit Assessment page.

For information on sharing previously assessed objects to other assessments, see the Link to Existing (Rely On) Assessment Data article. See the Assessments Workflows section for more information on configuring the assessment's workflow.